What would Riverside be like if large-scale corporate farming laws didn’t enter Indiana?

Harvard GSD Urban Planning Studio with Toni Griffin

Legacy Lands: Protopian Futures

Presentation to Indianpolis Mayor, Congressman and local community

Imagined Protopian Future: What Riverside Would Look Like if Large-Scale Corporate Farming didn’t enter Indiana

Riverside, Indianapolis is currently facing Food Apartheid: there are currently no supermarkets in the 4-mile radius that have fresh food

Riverside, Indianapolis

This issue stems from political motivation. Profit-based food laws that were a result of Neo-Liberal thinking isolated BIPOC farmers, local businesses and people from their land and nourishment. 

A Timeline of Agricultural history in the U.S & Indiana

Today, only 1.5% of farmer owner operators are Black.

Mapping Out Current Food Access in Riverside

A Collage of a Protopian Future

What could Riverside look like?

Proposed Solutions

A Combination of Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approaches

Effective Policy meets Supportive Cultures

Above: Proposed Imagined Future focused on all levels of community development. (Food Production, Research, Recreation, Education, Innovation)

CPUL Proposed for Creek

United Structures

A Collage of a Protopian White River