Self-Generating City

Studio Prompt: More specifically, the exercise explores the themes of collection and fetishism. Every city could be seen as a collection. Not something frozen, as a collection of paintings in a museum might be. But rather as a neurotic act of accumulation – of things, buildings, and objects – which is a way for every inhabitant to manage the anxiety of aloneness. In the psychology of the collector, the objects collected are endowed with a soul and represent an extension of their personality that links them to the outside world. They are transitional objects and this need for transition often turns into madness. So one might therefore wonder, for every city, what psychological state led to the accumulation of so many things, buildings, crossings, cars, relationships and people. What neurosis presided over the births of different cities?

This project explores the fetish object of a “failed” 3D print. Created out of disregarded 3D prints from the 3D print lab, the self-generating city in essence builds itself.

Tower for a Collector, Studio MUOTO
Professor: Gilles Delalex, Yves Moreau