An Urban Situation Where Architecture Meets, Informs and is Informed By the City

Former, Found and Future States of an exemplar in my neighborhood in Gurgaon, Haryana


Temporary concrete & brick structures are common in South Asia at small scales. Material decay and absence of maintenance in such communitiies combine to create structures which have visible ticking clocks that record inhabitation to abandon.


The structure is a grocery store with trhee walls and a corrogated metal roof. The facade is composed of a pasted set of shutter doors inside which lies a wooden frame with a sliding glass door.


The lack of repair leaves the once store to an empty space full of remnant materials. The shutter doors are non-functioning as ‘shutters’, but still provide an access point to what was, but perhaps will never be again.  

Professor: Jeffry Burchard
Core II, Harvard GSD