Nostalgia of Space 

Nostalgia of Space is a publication created during the time of the COVID – 19 crisis. As a foreign student in the United States, unable to go home, Nostalgia of Space began as a reflection on feelings of displacement and confusion that I experienced as the crisis unfolded.

I was living in a   rural suburb in Pennsylvania, an environment very foreign to my upbringing in the bustling city of Delhi, India. Aspects of rural life felt strangely familiar, like a dream. Perhaps it was my exposure to American movies and culture growing up, but something about the eerie quietness felt nostalgic. 

This book is a compilation of text messages I have received from family members, friends and institutions from December 2019 onwards that reflect change in lifestyle. Pieces of text are paired up with collages that display surreal and nostalgic imagery, aching for a reality that perhaps never even existed– socially, personally and politcally.

© 2020